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Special Services


In-office IV Sedation

We offer in-office sedation for all our patients to ease surgery procedures. This will help you reach a more comfortable state while we care for you.

Dental Fears Patients

Dr. Pawlowski sees many dental fears patients. This is a more common fear than most people realize and can be intense for some. Our staff and doctor are aware of the special needs dental fear patients require. We first perform a noninvasive exam and then explain the treatment plan, which will often include a combination of pre-visit calming medications and sedation dentistry while you're here. Don't fear, we're here to help!

Bone Grafting, Bone Regeneration and Gum Grafting

We sometimes place a bone graft at an extraction site to prepare the area for implant placement. This is usually when there is not enough bone to support an implant. Other bone grafts are placed so that we can supplement lack of bone as a result of untreated periodontal disease. For implant placement we also perform ridge augmentations and ridge splits to regenerate vertical height or horizontal width. Also, Dr. Pawlowski can place a gum graft at an area where there simply is not enough gum tissue and/or where recession has occurred. This will correct many problems and can prevent tooth loss. Click here for actual before and after photos of Dr. Pawlowski's gum grafting. There are different types of gum grafts; some use your own tissue and others use harvested tissue. Using harvested tissue means less discomfort for the patient and higher predictability. Please call our office for more information.

Bone Marrow Aspiration - Natural Bone Growth

The latest in bone regeneration is here in Seattle at last! Dr. Pawlowski has been using this technique since the Fall of 2009 and he has found it to be the "platinum standard" when it comes to bone regeneration. Basically, in your hip bone, there are powerful bone regenerating cells called "cytoplasts." During a procedure where we must regenerate bone to support natural teeth or dental implants, we can extract bone marrow cells from your hip after applying a little local anesthesia. There is no need for stitches; we simply cover the site with a band aid as bone marrow cell extraction is noninvasive. Bone Marrow is removed simply and without pain using a special syringe. We then mix the stem cells with bone material, apply it to the surgical area and over time your cytoplasts go to work and the area will naturally form new bone! This innovative process is absolutely amazing for patients who need bone regeneration because of bone loss or lack of bone. Although this practice is new to dentistry, it's been used medically for many years. When it comes to surgery, our patients receive the best that technology has to offer. Please read the studies at the following link to learn more:

Allograft Gum Grafting Material

For patients who have gum recession or sub optimal gingival width: gum graft material is extracted from your own mouth or is available via Allograft technology. Allograft is actual human tissue which has been processed and preserved. We activate it with a special solution and use PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) when we apply it. It is completely safe and recommended for those wanting faster healing time and a less invasive surgery. Click here for actual before and after photos of Dr. Pawlowski's gum grafting. Call our office to learn more about this amazing gum graft solution. Read more about Alloderm Tissue Grafts at:

In-office IM sedation

For patients who have fears or anxieties about cleanings, we understand and we don't want you to avoid treatment. This intramuscular sedation will calm you while we perform procedures like cleanings.

Sinus Lift

Implants cannot be placed when the sinus is too low. After taking a special x-ray called a "pano", CAT SCAN, or even in some cases a "tomo," Dr. Pawlowski may determine you need this if you are considering implants for upper teeth.

Wisdom teeth and other extractions

As we age, wisdom teeth generally can erupt at the rear of the mouth. The first sign is pain. This can cause various problems such as crowding, decay, infection and inflammation. Avoid this by having your wisdom teeth removed. Also, Dr. Pawlowski can extract teeth that are deep beneath the surface, that are already broken or that have other problems.

Osseous surgery

This option will reduce pocket depth around teeth. Untreated periodontal disease eventually will affect the bone below the gum line. Dr. Pawlowski will remove this unhealthy bone to stimulate healthy bone growth. This eliminates the places were infection occurs. This will reduce pockets and can prevent tooth loss.

Crown lengthening

This procedure brings the gum down in order to expose more bone. Your general dentist may request this be done so that they have space to prepare a crown. Sometimes we have to remove unhealthy bone.

Gingival flap surgery

When perioscopy is not the best option for you, flap surgery is the answer. Dr. Pawlowski will cut and maneuver under the gum to clean areas prone to infection and bacteria. This will reduce pockets and can prevent tooth loss.

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