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Treatment Options

Special Dental Implants

Sometimes there is not enough vertical room for a traditional implant. In these cases there are multiple options:

1) Proceed with a denture.

2) Proceed with a sinus lift, bone graft membrane, traditional implant. This would require possibly two or more surgeries.

3) Proceed with a specialized dental implant.

A Bicon dental implant is a specialized dental implant which is shorter in height (vertical length) but wider in width (horizontal length), thus achieving the same functional result as a traditional implant. Dr. Pawlowski will use a bicon implant if there is not enough room, either because of bone loss, the location of the mandibular nerve or a low sinus.


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Dr. Pawlowski has been placing specialized bicon dental implants since 2003!

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Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel nervous or stressed about your upcoming dental treatment? Well you’re not alone; in fact, almost 30 percent of the population experiences "dental phobia" when faced with visiting the dentist. Thanks to advances in technology we offer a way for our patients to receive treatment that is safe and comfortable; it’s called Sedation Dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses safe, effective sedatives to relax patients before their dental procedure... READ MORE+




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